About Us

Our Mission

Unite Idaho resources to serve the people of Ukraine who are fleeing the war.

Our Calling

The reports and images of what is happening in Eastern Europe are heartbreaking, not only around the world, but they hit home to many of us here in Idaho. Idahoans have rallied together to provide humanitarian aid to those that are being displaced as a result of the crisis. Many Idaho organizations, families and communities are rallying around the Ukrainian people to support them through this time. Idaho is already welcoming many families fleeing the crisis. There are many ways to participate in this effort, whether it be financially, adopt a family, volunteer your time, or another resource or connection that you may have. Our goal is to get aid to those suffering. You can make a difference today!

Our Strategy

Our Team

  • Lana Goretoy

  • Iryna Dzyuba

  • Tina Polishchuk

  • Azalie Goretoy

  • Valentina Levandovsky

  • Oksana Pristatskaya

  • Inessa Palnikov